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Grisbi : version 0.8.6

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La dernière version stable (0.8.6) de Grisbi.app pour Mac OS X Intel (Leopard et Snow Leopard) est en ligne sur les sites habituels :

Changelog (en anglais, extrait du fichier NEWS)

New in version 0.8.6

  • Corrects a problem of calculating the balance after deletion of two archives.
  • Simplification of the function of dates parsing : gsb_parse_date_string () fixes a systematic crash on Windows.
  • Adds support for the variance for the planned transactions.
  • Fixes various bugs.

New in version 0.8.5

  • Added cloning of scheduled operations.
  • Fixed a bug of calculating balances with different currencies in the table estimates.
  • Fixed a bug in creation of payees and creation of a sub-budgetary line.
  • Don't update the tree view when it's not here while making an archive.
  • Typo in function name. Don't repeat twice the same by Mokona.
  • Fixes bug 1313 : Grisbi crashes when Importing a QIF file with a list of categories.
  • Adding of Data_Path variable to debug.

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